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Are you doing everything you can to leverage your BIM model?

STRATUS takes you beyond the model. Elevate your technology capabilities in the shop and field. Empower your team with information. Encourage more communication and engagement. Remove waste and be efficient.

STRATUS is the premiere Virtual Design and Construction Productivity software solution for MEP Contractors.

Built on the Autodesk BIM 360 platform, we help you elevate your BIM building model for work-planning, pre-fabrication, purchasing, tracking and communicating.

Why should you do all the work in a 3D Model, only to manipulate slow pdf files to run projects. Now, there is a new way. A better way.


Do you want your company to lead in innovation?

Shop WiFi capabilities and Autodesk 360 logins are required. Your Autodesk Fabrication, Revit and Sysque drawing files are supported.

See what Autodesk says about STRATUS Forge Community Blog Post

Work Planning

STRATUS delivers a model-based work planning experience. It starts with intelligent work breakdown using numerous model filters, including custom defined filters. The 3D model viewer web interface allows users to visually add assemblies and parts to a package and manage packages from multiple projects in the shop.

Tracking and Earned Value

STRATUS provides both visual tracking status color display and tracking data logs for parts, assemblies, and packages. Statuses can be imported back into the model too. Percent complete reports can be customized for earned value reporting.

Spool Assemblies

STRATUS provides web-based spool assembly definition. Spool assemblies defined in the web browser are imported back into AutoCAD or Revit.

Cutting and Bending

STRATUS provides access to cut lists for pipe, hanger components, and more, with integrations to the TigerStop and other pipe cutting systems. Conduit bend files are also available for conduit bend instructions.

Custom Reports

STRATUS provides a flexible, easy to use, reporting framework with access to parts, assemblies, packages, tracking data, and more.

Easy Setup

STRATUS utilizes existing Autodesk user logins and BIM 360 platform for integrated data management. Customizable project/user roles allow administative control over the STRATUS features available to each user.

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