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Building the Future

Beyond the Model

“GTP has identified the pain points of an Electrical Contractor and worked to develop solutions that have immediate impact. After years of BIM and Electrical solutions lacking integration, we count on GTP to lead the way in development and implementation of software/hardware that produces measureable results.”

Adam S. Davis, Client Services Group
Valley Electrical Consolidated, Inc.

Valley Electrcial Consolidated, Inc. 

“The amount of time that the GTP team took to get WMI connected with the software that best meets our needs has been second to none. We were sold on how hard you guys were and still are working toward aiding us in building smart content for our Fabrication libraries.”

Troy Floor, CAD Group Leader / Project Designer
Wagner-Meinert, LLC

Wagner-Meinert, LLC 

“We really appreciate everything you have done for us, our industry needs a forward thinking company such as yours.”

Kevin Lytle, Vice President
Thompson Electric Company

Thompson Electric Company

“I had the privilege of attending GTP's three-day Revit training in April of 2016 in beautiful Larkspur, Colorado...I was able to start using what I learned over those three days immediately upon my arrival back at my office. GTP is a great resource for our company and we appreciate the many great minds at work there. Thanks again GTP!”

Dominic Mammina, BIM Detailer
Dynalectric San Diego

Dynalectric San Diego

“Thank you so much for taking the time to show me what you guys have been working on over at GTP. I must say, I’m blown away at what you’ve put together so far – and in such a short development time frame. It all seems like relevant, practical and useful content for us guys that are on the front line of BIM design on the electrical side.”

Greg Cummins, BIM Coordinator
Schuler-Haas Electric Corp.

Schular-Haas Electrical Corp.

Make ESTmep work

Contractors with experienced estimating systems want ESTmep to work because they want to innovate with BIM. GTP built the dream team, top experts in QuickPen / Autobid, Quote, Estimation and ESTmep+…And we’ve built an accurate AutoBid to EST conversion system. 

Fix my Fabrication Data

Finding it hard to share content between contractors, customers and team members? Are you spending hours as a company managing data and vetting data. What if there were a real solution?


Make my Fabrication Shop and Field Installation better. Couldn’t we be more organized, planned and productive. How can Lean Manufacturing Principals change our industry?

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Custom Development

GTP Services builds custom desktop, web, and mobile software applications. We provide turn-key BIM software solutions that is specific to the MEP industry in: Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Fabrication, and more.

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