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STRATUS built by GTP

A Construction Procurement,

Manufacturing and Logistics Tool

STRATUS is an innovate software developed by GTP for MEP contractors that creates a single point-of-truth for material and project information, while eliminating the data-loss caused by lost paper “travelers” like spool sheets, key drawings, and spool drawings. The

The benefits created by STRATUS will be experienced by your entire team; from the executive team, to VDCs and Shop Foreman.

Increase productivity and maximize your entire team’s efficiency with GTP’s construction software: STRATUS, The Next Generation Traveler. 

STRATUS construction software

Attend a Webinar

GTP hosts weekly webinars every Thursday showcasing STRATUS and its benefits for MEP contractors. Project Managers, Fabrication Shop Managers, and VDC Managers alike have all attended our webinars and seen the improvements to be made in their workflows.

Webinars are free to attend and can be catered to whatever the attendees are seeking, whether its hanger workflows, duct work, spooling, or electrical work. 


See How GTP is Transforming Construction with Software and Technology
  • Jm Brennan

    “Like everyone else, we used to have hundreds of paper spool/fab drawings flowing through our shop. Lost papers and non-legible writing led to costly inefficiencies. STRATUS has allowed us the ability to utilize a digital workflow. It has worked so well, we now have over 30 monitors running STRATUS and have converted to a fully digital workflow in our shops – no more paper drawings. Today’s new normal for us is STRATUS, and it should be yours too.”

    Justin Harer
    Pre-Construction Manager
    JM Brennan
  • North Mechanical“At North Mechanical we are a contractor, but have always wanted to be a manufacturer as well. We could never achieve the manufacturing piece because we didn’t have the tool to get it done. STRATUS made us a manufacturer, I would highly recommend you take a look.”

    Greg Fuller
    North Mechanical Contracting

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