Enhanced Workflows For Electrical Contractors

WireWorks was specifically designed to enhance your electrical workflow process and works seamlessly within Autodesk’s Revit software.

What WireWorks Does

Conduit Model Auditing

Synchronize conduit data across all parts of a conduit run, including the Revit Conduit Run Schedule

Revit Integration

Import data into conduits from a spreadsheet or feeder schedule

Easy to Use

Track modeled equipment and conduits in the WireWorks schematic, a simplified visual representation of the one-line

Model Profiling

Conduit identification for offsets and kicks allows easy scheduling and annotation on any conduit without fittings system

Automatic Updates

Conduit routing tools allow you to standardize the drawing process for parallel conduit spacing, offsets, and kicks

Model Detection

Generate wire length reports that include conduit and makeup lengths associated to equipment and pull boxes