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“The ability to run tools seamlessly and real time from the model in our fab shop is no longer a wish, but a reality.  CSV’s are not the way to run tools, STRATUS is..”

Travis Voss, Technology Manager
Mechanical, Inc. 

“30% of our time is spent spooling.  We have literally not only changed how we create spools, but how you process them through the fab shop and field.  We see STRATUS saving over 70% of our spooling time.”

Ryan Hoggatt, Director of Manufacturing
University Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

“Stratus is bringing the “Single Point of Truth” dream to reality. With real-time, cloud-based model access, every team member can review, query, and procure directly from the current model. With reconfigured workflows, each department is capable of extracting their needed data in a just-in-time methodology, ensuring the latest project information is used.”

Doug Smith, Corporate BIM Manager
Dynamic Systems, Inc.

“Stratus gives us the ability to fully utilize Building Information Modeling in all phases of construction and gives the fab shop and the field the ability to use the information we’re putting into our models like never before.”

Jeff Elwell, BIM Manager
EM Duggan

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