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STRATUS provides new technology which is evolving. We are working with leading contractors who understand the commitment innovation requires. We don’t seek just customers. We seek partners to guide our great development team to build a better future for MEP Contracting.

Because we believe in proving ourselves and in sharing costs and sharing the rewards (economic surplus),  we know that economies of scale allow us to do more for even the largest contractors than they can develop on their own when they commit to sharing in the effort to build and grow a better future.

Today we charge companies that qualify for a brief installation and setup session at your sight, because we want you to succeed. Then we put the power of STRATUS in your hands to grow your fabrication ability and prove that STRATUS is a win for your company long before you purchase STRATUS outright.

To join us, tell us about how you fit our group of leading contractors that are helping SPRINT the STRATUS Construction Productivity Solution forward.

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Toll-Free: 800.385.7131

Local:  +1 303.862.429

9375 Spruce Mountain Road
Larkspur, CO 80118

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