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What makes you think it will work for me?

ESTmep works when you commit to it, and you have the right people and process to get what you need. Autobid Users will be glad to know that Charlie Thompson (with years of experience at QuickPen) is our Estimating product leader. Charlie believes after all these years the industry is ready to embrace the next wave of technology, and has committed turning our customers from  skeptics, like he was with so many years invested in AutoBid, into believers in their own potential to craft a new future. AND…He’s developed the only system to convert your labor tables from AutoBid into ESTmep.

How would it impact you?

IF you could turn your Estimate into the first stage of your BIM model, saving countless hours detailing, and turn your CAD model into Estimates to help you run projects better and save money.

Mechanical Estimating in Revit and AutoCAD drawings

One of the original founders of TSI, Greg Davis, led the effort to bring ESTmep to the market and develop the program from the ground up, leading the development of the product with MAP for 10 years prior to the Autodesk acquisition. As the Director of our sales team, Greg works with clients with unmatched knowledge of what it takes to succeed with ESTmep.

Frustrated by a lack of new features in HVAC Estimating and Plumbing Estimating?

Every day Contractor Estimators ask themselves, what happened to innovation in estimating? AND Will we ever see any new features in EST now that Autodesk has taken hold?

It is true, the market has changed. Trimble and Autodesk have taken ownership of leading estimating packages.

Curtis Watson, formally of University Mechanical, the earliest company to completely implement ESTmep, from EST to Drawing development and back, joined GTP because he has seen those changes. He has been in your shoes. With him on board, our vision is clearly setting on Cresting EST to new heights.

GTP has the only team that can make it happen.

** crEST and other forms of the term CREST are Trademarked by GTP services, in advance of our releasing new features never before imagined to make estimating an incredible experience and powerful tools to make crEST estimating scurry past those left in our wake.

With Andy Robins, MAP (Autodesk Fabrication) lead developer from the inception of the EST-mep software (originally EST-Duct/ EST-Mech under the CAD-Duct/ CAD-Mech product line). Based in Blackpool, UK, Andy starts his day long before most contractors are awake. And he has one goal in mind for GTP…To carry out a mission of committed customer-based software development and usher in the next phase of true innovation in MEP contracting.

With Andy and GTP’s relationship with Autodesk and ability behind the scenes to make things happen, GTP has committed to revolutionary ideas to help transform MEP contracting once again.

So for real evolution, turn to those who have proven innovation.

Join Us as we build a new future for Mechanical Estimating.

OK! I’m in.

Help me figure out what it is going to really take to Transform to BIM estimating with ESTmep.


Toll-Free: 800.385.7131

Local:  +1 303.862.429

9375 Spruce Mountain Road
Larkspur, CO 80118

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