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Fix this mess

You may fabricate for other contractors, coordinate with other trades, or work closely with contractors in a  peer group sharing resources.

And after all that investment in BIM, the content isn’t working well together.

Imagine purchasing from your BIM model, knowing there are no holes?

Imagine Estimating from your CAD drawing to find out, regardless of the original bid, what areas of your job need the most attention, so you put the right people in the right place to do the job right.

Introducing CORE Data Content Management

With CORE, GTP is developing the first interface for vetting, managing and downloading content in the marketplace. Much like a marketplace of its own, CORE will provide manufacturers a place to more easily create content, and contractors a chance to rate content so they have leverage over the manufacturers to get it done right.

Whether a manufacturer then pays a provider to build content, or if they build it themselves, the efficiency of and power of the marketplace will help YOU get better service.

And we are doing it, because we believe in visibility and  TRANSPARENCY. You deserve it.

The Building Data Content Gap

Curtis Watson, formally of University Mechanical, did a rare thing at University. As a contractor, University built a data set powerful enough to be sell-able to the pickiest of contractors.

Now as the leader of GTP’s content efforts and Project Manager for CORE, Curtis helps our customer’s get the best data, whether it be vetting other solutions out there on the marketplace, or providing the data and consulting that a client needs. GTP is committed to solving the content gap that MEP contractors have found with their building content where contractors, whose role is to bid, sell and perform construction project work, have found data management and vetting to be a challenge.

Relax, your in good hands. We have the team to help.

Join Us as we build a new future for Construction Productivity and Technology.

OK! I’m in.

Look at my data content and see what you can do.


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