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GTP Services is a leading innovator in the construction industry by providing cutting-edge software and services.

Contractor-Focused Solutions

GTP Services’ robotic total station solution allows contractors to bring BIM to the field and use it to their advantage. By integrating Sokkia|Topcon’s robotic total stations, with state-of-the-art Autodesk software, combined with the exceptional on-site and online training by our skilled staff, GTP Services truly is your single source for all your construction and MEP needs

Premier Innovators

Following the creation of Autodesk Point Layout, GTP Services continues to provide cutting-edge and revolutionary products that dramatically improve field accuracy and productivity by removing error-prone manual layout techniques. Layout now becomes a one-person operation with the ability to shoot hundreds of points a day. The result is faster construction, which helps you complete your projects on time and on budget.

Best of Brands Partnerships

GTP Services has developed a strategic and targeted partnership with the authorities in the construction industry. We call our industry partners the “Best of Brands”. By collaborating with the industry leaders in their respective markets, we are better equipped to provide innovative solutions to the overall construction workflow.


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